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Keep your cool this Christmas

So that’s it, semester one is almost over and many of you are getting ready to head home (or elsewhere) for the winter break. Whether you’re a first year student that’s just made it through your first ever semester at uni, or a seasoned postgrad that knows these winter breaks like the back of your…

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Get linked up on LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Do you have a profile but are not really sure what you are supposed to do with it? LinkedIn is useful for: Developing a professional online profile to complement your CV. Helping ensure that potential employers are impressed by what they find if they Google you. A well-developed LinkedIn…

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Twitter for Job Hunting

Social media sites are now becoming an increasing important weapon in your job seeking arsenal. Facebook and LinkedIn act as your amour. Having an appropriate Facebook and a professional, well written LinkedIn profile will protect you by portraying you as someone a recruiter might want to employ. But personally I think Twitter is the main…

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