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Mentors for postgrads

Did you know that we have 400 mentors ready this Spring, all waiting to help someone – maybe you? And did you know that 50 of them have PhDs, and are particularly keen to to help our current PhDs? Our Manchester Gold mentoring programme is now recruiting for our Spring intake, and this time, we’re…

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Ever heard the phrase it’s not what you know it’s who you know well I think it should be changed to Its not what you know it’s who your connected to. I’m of course talking about social media and how it can be used to help you both network with prospective employers and find out…

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How do postgrads find jobs?

Most postgrads are very internet-savvy, so when anyone asks me about finding jobs, the normal request is “which websites should I look at for jobs in X?”. They look a bit nonplussed when I start talking about using their contacts, developing their networks, making a list of who you know – isn’t that all just…

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