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Where are all the science jobs?

This blog post has now been updated. Please see: https://manunicareersblog.com/2016/10/18/where-are-all-the-science-jobs-3/ If you’re a science student who loves science, it can sometimes feel like all the jobs are for business students, engineers or computer scientists. This is to reassure you that there are ways of finding science jobs – if you know where to look. Two…

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LinkedIn- where to start

 You will have heard about LinkedIn and many of you might even have a profile on LinkedIn. However, we often hear that students and recent graduates don’t know what do with their LinkedIn accounts. Over the next weeks we’ll make a series of posts about how to improve your LinkedIn use and make the best…

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Get linked up on LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Do you have a profile but are not really sure what you are supposed to do with it? LinkedIn is useful for: Developing a professional online profile to complement your CV. Helping ensure that potential employers are impressed by what they find if they Google you. A well-developed LinkedIn…

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