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Find hidden gems in the job market

Written by Louise Sethi, Careers Consultant at the Careers Service When beginning to look for job, it’s worth knowing that lots of graduate roles and work experience opportunities are only advertised on specialist job sites or social media.  Some roles aren’t advertised at all, and form part of the hidden job market which is substantial but…

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5 job hunting tips during Covid

Written by Jenny Sloan, Careers Consultant at The Careers Service You may have had travel plans that have fallen through due to the pandemic. Maybe you secured a graduate scheme only for it to be rescinded as organisations try to mitigate the effects of a recession. Perhaps you’ve spent your university years preparing for a…

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Getting the third degree

A friend of mine was recently reminiscing about her graduation 4 years ago.  She was awarded a third class degree and hated her graduation day, struggling to work out what the 3 years were all for and what exactly she had learned. She had felt pretty down about it and wasn’t looking forward to her…

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