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Handling rejection

No one wants to be rejected but at some point in your job search it is bound to happen. How you react and what you do next are key factors in your future success. 1 Rejection at application stage: Most people are going to experience this.  You may get a polite “thanks but no thanks”…

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What to wear at interview?

After exploring all the outfit choices in the wardrobe Frances decided that although the summer florals were on trend they were perhaps not the best interview options. Basic black had always worked before, but was it too dull? If you are struggling with what you should wear for an interview here are some pointers. Before…

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Skype and telephone interviews

Frances wasn’t sure her Skype interview was going well. Was it something about her posture? This last academic year 2011/12 we have seen a massive increase in the amount of  first interviews being conducted by phone and recently by Skype. It’s a quick and effective way for recruiters to have an initial chat to you…

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