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A guide to virtual interviews

Written by Samantha Oates-Miller, Careers Insights and Graduate Support Assistant at the Careers Service If you have an interview coming up – good luck! Many employers have switched to virtual interviews as a result of the pandemic, and with their cost-effectiveness, online interviews are set to stay in some form or another. To help you…

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How to prepare for a changing graduate recruitment process

Written by Jenny Sloan, Careers Consultant at The Careers Service Whether you’ve just started your graduate job search, or you’re getting back on the bandwagon after your post-uni plans have fallen through, it’s important to recognise that in response to COVID-19, employers have adapted their graduation selection methods and processes. In fact, as the situation…

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How to ace phone interviews

Written by Penney Gordon-Lanes, Careers Consultant at the Careers Service In the digital age, many employers are using technology to support their recruitment. Digital applications such as Zoom, Skype and FaceTime are commonly used by employers. However, many still prefer to conduct interviews by phone, often before being invited to an assessment centre, and face-to-face…

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