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Teach First

Last week we had a visit and update from our friends at Teach First. They are really keen to recruit recent graduates as well as current students. Teach First is a two-year graduate programme. They create leaders, who can go into a challenging school and inspire enthusiam and ambition in young people. Teach First is…

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Psychometric Tests

Recently we have had a lot of enquires about psychometric tests and how best to prepare for these tests so I thought it would be a good basis for my next blog post. What are psychometric tests? Psychometric tests are used by employers to assess your aptitude and overall personality. They are used as part…

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At the assessment centre

Team “Kitty” didn’t assign a time keeper for their group exercise. Their brainstorming session went on a little longer than planned and they completely missed the tea break. What you need to know about assessment centres! This may be the first time the employer has seen you in person, and they will be testing how…

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