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Welcome to our shiny new blog

If you’re new to our postgraduate careers blog at the University of Manchester, lovely to see you! I’ll do the tour in a second, but just got to say hi to our regular readers – yup, it’s the same old postgrad careers blog, but now with a new, shorter address, a new outfit and we’re…

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The right choice?

If you’re at the start of a new postgraduate degree, are you perfectly happy with the choice you’ve made, or are you still wondering whether you should have gone for that other PhD, or that job, or stuck it out in your old job after all? I’ve been watching a TED talk from Dan Gilbert,…

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How do postgrads find jobs?

Most postgrads are very internet-savvy, so when anyone asks me about finding jobs, the normal request is “which websites should I look at for jobs in X?”. They look a bit nonplussed when I start talking about using their contacts, developing their networks, making a list of who you know – isn’t that all just…

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