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Where are all the science jobs?

If you’re a science student who loves science, it can sometimes feel like all the jobs are for business students, engineers or computer scientists. This is to reassure you that there are ways of finding science jobs – if you know where to look. Two alternatives are: a) Look for science jobs which are being…

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PhDs – Want teaching experience and an opportunity to make the world a nicer place?

Are you passionate about your subject area? Would you like the opportunity to work with local school children? …then the Widening Participation Fellow programme might be for you!   The Student Recruitment and Widening Participation Team is currently recruiting non-final year PhD students for the position of Widening Participation Fellows. These positions support the University’s…

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Doing a PhD? Want experience in teaching? And elearning? Read on!

Manchester Leadership Programme is recruiting eTutors for 2016/17 The Manchester Leadership Programme is keen to hear from current PhD students who are interested in joining our pool of eTutors for 2016/17. eTutors are responsible for tutoring groups of approximately 25 undergraduate students, leading online discussion groups, conducting face-to-face tutorials and assessing students’ work. Tutors are […]

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May Newsletter for PGRs

Each year we run a major university-wide programme, “Pathways – Career Options for Researchers”.  This article also contains links to advice on networking and how to use case studies of other people’s career to help you develop your own under How can I prepare? (useful even if you’ve been to Pathways before – or aren’t…

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May Newsletter for Masters students

This month – getting started and getting on in a new job, a somewhat unexpected take on your career after your masters… and what’s on CareersLink.   The Florentine statesman, writer and philosopher Niccolo Machaivelli was born on May 3rd 1469.   Many of you may be familiar with Signor Machiavelli through the word “machiavellian” –…

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Part-time job opportunities for PhDs

 Closing date for applications: 29 May 2017 Interviews will be held June 8th. The University of Manchester Careers Service is looking to recruit a number of Applications Advisers, working as part of the busy careers team to provide 1-1 advice to students and graduates on their job application techniques. See  We employ a pool…

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April Newsletter for PGRs

The Romans called April Aprilis.  No one is sure the exact meaning of the word. Some scholars think that it may be related to an old Italic word meaning “the following, the next”, in a sequence of events. Old folk interpretations link it to the Latin aperire (think ‘aperture’ on a camera) “to open”  –…

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