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Interested in Investment Banking? Seven tips on getting in

Investment banks help organisations, individuals and governments to raise capital, often by investing in the financial markets or selling shares. They also provide other services to organisations, for example performing large mergers and acquisitions. Investment banking is a very popular area with graduates looking for a challenging career and high financial rewards, however combined with […]

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Why it’s OK to fail

Let’s get this out of the way first – at some point, you’re going to fail. Everybody does. Sometimes, things happen which make you feel stressed out and knock your confidence, and you’ll probably go away and eat your body weight in Domino’s to try and get over it. Whatever it is – you get…

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Careers Advice playlist Vol 2

Back in 2015 I gave you my Careers Advice Playlist  so I thought it was high time to release that infamous tricky second album. Again you won’t find anything  that ‘current’ but the careers advice in this songs have stood the test of time. ‘Are You Experienced’ Jimi Hendrix Experience  Well are you? This is…

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