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How do postgrads find jobs?

Most postgrads are very internet-savvy, so when anyone asks me about finding jobs, the normal request is “which websites should I look at for jobs in X?”. They look a bit nonplussed when I start talking about using their contacts, developing their networks, making a list of who you know – isn’t that all just…

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Part-time Masters

As the new semester approaches not only am I preparing the Careers Resource Centre for a new cohort I’m also preparing to go back to University myself, for the 2nd year of my part time masters. I’m studying Library and Information Management. Studying a masters part-time either alongside a current job or due to other…

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Beatwolf – Manchester online magazine – volunteering opportunities

Love writing, keen to volunteer and contribute to a new music website, then read the info below from Beatwolf…                   Beatwolf is a Manchester based online magazine featuring a healthy mix of music enthusiasm and opinion bordering on irreverence. We are looking for volunteers to contribute to our website! has been live for about 7 months,…

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