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I’m Sophie. I’m a graduate of Manchester Business School who is currently working as a Marketing Assistant at the Careers Service, slowly but surely accepting that I’m no longer a student and a real-life grown up!

In Focus: The Manchester Leadership Programme

Enhance your university experience with The Manchester Leadership Programme What is the Manchester Leadership Programme? The Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP) is a prestigious interdisciplinary module which offers a unique combination of academic units and volunteering. There are two parts to the MLP: a Leadership in Action academic unit and accredited volunteering. Students who successfully complete…

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MGIP is back !

The Manchester Graduate Internship Programme has now launched for our grads of 2013. Each year here at the Careers Service a team works to generate graduate level internship opportunities all around the Manchester area for the graduates of that year.  These opportunities span a whole range of subjects and roles; we’re pretty confident we have…

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