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Careers Consultant (Postgraduate) at the University of Manchester, UK

PhDs: paid teaching roles for new online “Understanding Mental Health” unit

The University of Manchester’s University College for Interdisciplinary Learning is looking for 8 Graduate Teaching Assistants to work on the UCIL interdisciplinary online unit “Understanding Mental Health”. The roles are open to PGR students in any discipline at the University of Manchester. You don’t need to be an expert in mental health – if you’re…

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Where are all the science jobs?

This post has been updated, find it here If you’re a science student who loves science, it can sometimes feel like all the jobs are for business students, engineers or computer scientists. This is to reassure you that there are ways of finding science jobs – if you know where to look. Two alternatives are:…

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What we learnt at Pathways

Well, the 10th anniversary of Pathways: Career Options for Researchers arrived along with 400+ delegates and panellists, all current or former researchers. The best way to report on it is to hear from current doctoral researcher, Marc Hudson, who’s written a really clear, bullet pointed blog post with the advice he gleaned from the 5…

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