About this blog

This blog is written by staff at the Careers Service at The University of Manchester to bring you careers-related news, advice, comment and insider information.

As it is written primarily for current students and recent graduates of The University of Manchester some of the services, events and opportunities mentioned may not be open to a wider audience.

This is not an official University of Manchester blog, and all views expressed here are the authors’ own.


Instant news updates powered by Twitter are displayed in the side bar of the blog. There is only space for the most recent Tweets in the sidebar, so to keep up-to-date follow the Twitter accounts of interest to you.

Earlier incarnations

This blog was launched on 17th September 2012 and replaces several well-established separate Manchester careers blogs.  The old blogs still pop up in search engines (or links from other sites), but as they’re now out of date, it’s better to rely on the more recent advice in this blog.

Requests to contribute “Guest posts”

We do not generally accept guest posts from other bloggers or commercial organisations, unless we have initiated the request.

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