About the Media Club

What is the Media Club?

It’s a club set up by the University of Manchester Careers Service to help students who want a career in the media.  If you would like to be on our mailing list to receive news of opportunities that come to our attention and details of our evening sessions, email mediaclub@manchester.ac.uk with your name, course, year of study, career area of interest, preferred email address and mobile number.

The University doesn’t have any specific media-related courses, so this is our way of introducing you to people in the industry both face-to-face and online through the blog and twitter.  For detailed information about working in the media, see the careers service starting point sheet for journalism and broadcasting on our website or pick it up from the Careers Service Resource Centre in Crawford House, Booth Street East (opposite the Aquatic Centre).

The Media Club  isn’t a media course, nor is it a PG Dip alternative; it’s something that students volunteer to be part of, to give themselves an edge in the competitive media world.  Getting involved through coming along to sessions is something you can include on your CV.   We aim to have top guest speakers and practical sessions to help you on the way to a job in the media.

We would love your input and to hear from you. Who would you like us to invite to give a talk? What kind of practical session would you like us to organise? What’s worrying you the most about embarking on a media career? Email us at mediaclub@manchester.ac.uk

So why have a media club blog and twitter?  The answer is so we can get information to you instantly.  All our events will be posted on the blog or emailed you once you’re on the Media Club mailing list. Having a grasp of tools like like Twitter and Linkedin is a great help and it allows you to talk to professionals through a medium that they’re already using. More importantly though, you should be listening to the themes and trends, because if you’re following the right people, you’ll always be a step ahead of the pack!

So don’t miss out!  Join our media club mailing list and watch out for news of forthcoming sessions and make the most of news via this blog and twitter.

The Media Club Team, University of Manchester Careers Service

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