Four careers tips you should know before finishing Uni

You might be knee-deep in final year exams right now, but the end is in sight! Read on for some tips you should know to prepare for when it’s finally all over… 

  1. You can access the Careers Service for 2 years after your course end-date

We understand that you don’t stop needing support from the Careers Service when you graduate, and the good news is, you won’t stop receiving it! You’ll be able to access exactly the same services as you do as a student, and there are even events specifically aimed at new grads and the issues they might face. You can also retain access to the Library Service, but your access to other services like counselling, volunteering, student support and the SU will stop, so make sure you make the most of them before they’re gone!

  1. Future Fortnight is coming soon 

Did you know that the Careers Service run a programme of events each year, specifically aimed at finalists who’ve just finished their exams? It’s called Future Fortnight, and this year it’s running between 12-23 June. There are a range of panel events, workshops and drop-ins, so there’s something for everyone, and there’s a mixture of online and in-person events, so don’t worry if you’ll have gone home by then. Whether you’re looking to relocate after graduating, thinking about a Master’s or already gearing up for an interview, have a look at the schedule and get signing up to some events! 

  1. You need to do a bit of admin 

You were automatically signed up for a CareerConnect account as a student, but as a grad you have to set up an account yourself. It’s super easy though – once your uni email address stops working to log you in, go to Graduate sign in and registration and scroll down to register. This is worth doing even if you already have a grad job lined up, as we have workshops like “Surviving and Thriving in your First Grad Job” (coming up in Future Fortnight!) which is all about making a good first impression and getting the most out of your role. We also have a LinkedIn group specifically for grads (and almost-grads) that you can join! 

  1. There’s still time to boost your CV 

If you’re at a loose end after your exams (unlikely, I know, but possible!) and want to bulk up your CV as you start applying to grad jobs, there are plenty of ways to do it that don’t have a huge time investment attached. There are multiple different platforms for virtual work experience available for UoM students and graduates, including Forage, which offers 5-6hr online courses with resources and hypothetical tasks, designed by leading companies. If you’d rather get out and about while you’re gaining experience, check out UoM VolunteerHub for opportunities to help someone out – the Volunteering Team are even running specific one-day wellbeing volunteering sessions during the exam period to help people de-stress and take their minds off uni work.   

Hopefully, I’ve helped you find out something new that will help you feel more prepared to graduate The University of Manchester… The only thing left for me to say is good luck with your exams!

Written by Ciara Mcgeary, Manchester Graduate Talent intern for The Careers Service.