How to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the most useful career tools you can use as a student and new graduate, but to really get the benefit of this great platform, you have to be ready to actually engage with the website and its users. Read on for some tips on how to clean up your profile and use the feed to your advantage!

Create your own URL

Did you know that you could change the URL of your LinkedIn page? Just head to your profile, and click “Edit public profile and URL” in the top right-hand corner. In the same position on the following page, there is the option to “Edit your custom URL.” Voila! This is just one small detail but shows you’ve put thought into your profile, and if you keep it simple with your full name, it’s another opportunity for potential employers and useful connections to remember you.

Get a professional headshot

It’s always worth having a professional-looking, up-to-date headshot for your LinkedIn profile picture. You don’t need any fancy tripods or equipment – taking turns with a friend works just as well. Mine is an outtake from a passport picture photoshoot with my dad during lockdown! Come along to our “Personal Branding 101” event during Future Fortnight for more tips and advice about your profile and creating your personal brand!

Make connections

It might seem obvious, but the most useful thing you can do with your LinkedIn account is connect with people you know. Family, friends, uni coursemates, lecturers, co-workers… don’t be afraid to send that connection request and get their updates direct to your feed.

Follow relevant groups, pages and hashtags

If you know what sector you’re interested in working in, it’s worth following the pages of some of the big companies within it. This allows you to keep up with what’s happening in the industry and get job or internship opportunities posted to your feed. Groups are great for a similar reason – join a few relevant ones and get updates on your interests. We recommend joining the University of Manchester Recent Graduate Careers Network (even if you haven’t quite graduated yet!). There’s also one for international students, biological science students and psychology students.

Start commenting under industry news

Following on from the last points, it’s important to interact with the posts that do end up in your feed as much as you can. It’s nice to be encouraging and celebrate when someone you know has achieved something or has a new job, and the more your name pops up under articles you’re interested in, news from the sector, and your friends’ and colleagues’ posts, the more likely potential employers and useful connections are to click through to your profile and check it out.

Hopefully these tips will help you get your LinkedIn profile looking great, and the connections you make and pages you follow will have the opportunities rolling in! For more tips, check out the using LinkedIn and networking pages on our website.

Written by Ciara McGeary, Graduate Transitions Intern