Four reasons why you should try the ‘Get Ready: International Students’ pathway

International student Laora is studying Psychology at The University of Manchester. Read below why she recommends the ‘Get Ready: International Students’ pathway – an online module on CareerConnect for students looking to build their career in the UK.

So you’re an international student? You just got to Manchester? Everyone is talking about part-time jobs, internships and spring weeks, and you have no idea what it all means or where to start? I get it, trust me, I’ve been there!

The Careers Service can help. Their pathways section on CareerConnect offers short online modules where you can gain the confidence and skills to take on your future career. With a brand-new pathway, full of activities, they now cover all bases for job hunting as an international student in Manchester – where to start and what steps to take.

So, here are four reasons why you should have a look the ‘Get Ready International Students’ pathway:

1. It covers all bases

Starting your professional career in the UK as an international student is not easy, there are a multitude of options from short placements to summer internships.

You might not really know yet what you want to go into, or on the contrary you may know exactly what steps you need to take in your career. Regardless, advice is available for everyone, including info such as what the UK job market looks like, whether or not you need a work visa and how to get one, and an insight into the specifics of different employment types.

2. It’s full of ideas

Once you have a clearer idea of what everything means and what you need in order to access employment, it can still be a challenge to know where to look for options.

The pathway gives you tons of good ideas on where to find those opportunities. It teaches you how to find internships and how to network through LinkedIn and the alumni network. Basically all the benefits you can get as a UoM student!

3. It has a clear start point and finish

If you’re anything like me and you like things to be coherent and clear then you will love this pathway! It starts with a general overview of UK job market, visas, jobs fairs and working in the UK in general. It teaches you what you need to know about working alongside your studies as an international student. Finally, how to go about navigating work in the UK after you graduate. Simple, clear and easy.

4. It is fun and interactive

On a final note! Learning about a whole new way of doing things can sometimes be a little bit tedious. That’s why this pathway is full of interactive videos – it’s the easiest way to learn about a new topic.

I know when I started my university career, a pathway like this was something I looked for and I would have felt way more confident navigating the job search as an international student, so take advantage of the help on offer!

Written by Laora Tobelaim Chimchirian, Psychology