Where to start if you want to work abroad

Fancy working abroad after you graduate?  Here are some websites that are a useful place to start:


Prospects’ country guides are a great place to start exploring working internationally. For more than thirty countries, they give you information on important sectors and large, international companies you can find, how the application systems might differ from the UK, and a list of country-specific websites for further information.

Passport Career

As a student or recent graduate of the University of Manchester, you have access to the online platform Passport Career, which not only has country guides where you can find the same sort of information as above, but also monthly webinars on looking for opportunities globally and a search portal for specific jobs and internships.

The UK Government’s “Living In” Guides

The Government have in-depth guides about the practicalities of living in various different countries. They’re particularly useful for finding out what the visa and immigration guidelines are for the country you’re thinking about – especially now that the situation has changed for UK nationals working in Europe.


And finally, no Careers blog post would be complete without a plug for CareerConnect! You can filter the vacancies search by region or country to find opportunities all across the world and apply directly through the website.

Hopefully these resources will help get you started with your research and you’ll soon be off having adventures! If you’d like to hear directly from alumni who’ve been in your position and are now working in another country, come along to our Meet the Grads: Working Abroad event on 10th March at 9:45am to get some tips and tricks!

Written by Ciara McGeary, Graduate Transitions Intern