The benefits of having a mentor (and how to get one!) 

Securing a career mentor is an ideal way to hone your job search, boost your professional network and find out more about the breadth of opportunities post-uni.

A career mentor is someone with experience in your sector. They can provide an insight into the application process, including the transition from studying to full-time work. They work closely with mentees and tailor their guidance so that no two partnerships are the same. 

A mentor can help you: 

  • Gain new contacts and expand your network 
  • Develop a better understanding of your options 
  • Provide CV and application tips 
  • Practice professional communication and etiquette 
  • Boost your confidence in career decision-making and identifying opportunities 

In short, having a career mentor when you are looking to break into your first professional role could give you a real advantage over the competition.  

Where can I find a mentor?  

The University of Manchester currently has three mentoring schemes open for applications: 

Whilst mentoring involves a commitment from both mentors and mentees, mentors are usually volunteers and have generously offered their time to share their experience, insights, and advice with their mentees.  

You can also find more about different sectors and job opportunities by using LinkedIn, connecting with alumni, and boosting your network by joining careers events.

If you have any mentoring-related questions, contact the Careers Service mentoring team via email:

Written by Tom Panter, Careers Service Mentoring Intern (MGT)

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