Top tips to make your job application stand out

Written by Adam Taylor, Careers Consultant (Employability Learning and Devopment)

Have you sent job applications that get rejected, or worse, don’t get any response at all? It could be because you’re not telling employers why you want to work for them!

Employers regularly feedback to us about the applications they receive and one of their biggest complaints is that on application personal statements and cover letters applicants simply don’t explain why they are interested in the organisation itself. Even when the application makes it clear that the core values are important, or it’s a role around strategy, applicants are not demonstrating that they have done their research and have what it takes.

Here are our top tips to make your application stand out:

1.Do your research
That’s right, do your research on the company and the role, you need to articulate why you are interested in THIS company and THIS role on your application.

2. Check the employer’s website
This is a great way to find out about the culture of the organisation, their values and strategy. How do these match with yours, how will you demonstrate this?

3. Look at their web presence
This may sound similar to our point above, but their website isn’t enough. Check their social media too. How do they speak to their audience? Are they running any campaigns or other interesting projects?

4. Reflect why this employer is different from its competitors
How are they different? What make them unique? Why does that motivate you to want to work there?

5. Go to employer led events
Whether it’s presentations, workshops, events or fairs, try to speak to company representatives to ask them questions.

6. Use our support
Remember, you’re not in this alone. We offer tons of support! Get an application review appointment for cover letters and application form personal statements.

All of this research takes time but putting this effort will make sure you are much more likely to get through to the next stage. It’s far better to spend time on fewer stronger applications than less time on a lot of poorly researched ones.

For more information and support, go to our website and access support on CareerConnect. We also run events dedicated to CVs and Applications through our Your Future Essentials sessions, all of which can be found on CareerConnect.

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