Careers support after your graduate eligibility period ends

Written by Samantha Oates-Miller, Career Insights and Graduate Support Assistant

University of Manchester graduates can continue to access the Careers Service for up to two years after completing their course. If you finished your course more than two years ago – so in October 2020 or earlier – your eligibility period to access the Careers Service has now ended. This means you will no longer be able to use CareerConnect, attend events, or book careers appointments. However, if you still need careers support, you can access careers support from the following resources.

General support for all graduates:

1. Prospects
These offers a wide range of advice and resources, specifically aimed at students and graduates. Prospects careers support includes sector guides and job profiles, a career matching questionnaire, application and interview advice, and further study advice.

2.Target Jobs
They offer career advice for your graduate career, including planning, applications and interviews, job and further study finders, and sector information. They also have a careers advice blog covering a wide range of topics.

3. The Careers Service website
Even though your eligibility period has ended, you can still view the information on our website, including sector guides, CV, application and interview advice and graduate job sites. You can also watch recordings of past events on our YouTube channel.

If you live in the UK, you can also access one of the four national careers services:

England residents:
The National Careers Service offers advice, information and guidance on a whole range of careers topics for those living in England. This ranges from identifying your skills and exploring further study options to finding a job or taking your next professional step. Find out how they can help you, or contact them via their live web chat for questions.

Northern Ireland (NI) residents:
The NI Direct Careers Service offers application advice, career planning, and skills support to help you with your next steps. You can contact the NI Direct Careers Service by phone, email and web chat, or find your local office.

Scotland residents:
My World of Work (part of Skills Development Scotland) has support and resources on CVs, applications and interviews, finding jobs and courses, and discovering your skills. They also have webinars and questionnaires to help you understand your options, or you can talk to My World of Work on the phone.

Wales residents:
Careers Wales includes quizzes to help you discover skills and roles, job and course finders, career planning, and CV, application and interview help. You can contact Careers Wales via phone, web chat or email.

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