Graduate Schemes: Six events you need to attend if you’re thinking about applying

Graduate Schemes can be a popular route but we know that navigating them can feel overwhelming. Get prepared and succeed in your graduate scheme applications, by coming to Graduate Schemes Week (3 – 7 October 2022) and discover six events you should not miss:

1. A-Z of Graduate Schemes
Monday, 3 October 2022, 12-1pm

Not sure if graduate schemes are for you or have questions about parts of the process? This A-Z workshop will take you through all the different stages of graduate schemes, including exploration, research, application and selection.

Register for our A-Z of Graduate Schemes session >>

2. Meet the Employers: Graduate Schemes
Tuesday, 4 October 2022, 1-2pm

Meet a range of employers, get tips on how to prepare for graduate scheme application stage and ask your own questions to the panel. You’ll also learn about the progression opportunities after a scheme. A great opportunity to get tips to help you apply and discover some of the different schemes – the world is your oyster!

Meet the employers >>

3. Mock Virtual Assessment Centre
Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 1.15-3.30pm

Does a virtual assessment centre fill you with dread? We’ve got your back! Step into our recreated virtual assessment centre and get some hands-on experience of group exercises and tasks to make you feel totally prepared for the real thing. Places are limited, so sign up soon to ensure you don’t miss out!

Join a virtual assessment centre >>

4. Meet the Graduates: Graduate Schemes
Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 5-6pm

Want to know what graduate schemes are really like? Talk directly with to our alumni panel, ask your questions and get some valuable insights into the recruitment process. Hear about how the panellists found their schemes, made their career decisions, and what graduate schemes are really like.

Meet the graduates and ask your questions >>

5. Get prepared for Psychometric Tests
Thursday, 6 October 2022, 5-6pm

Learn how to prepare for tests, get advice on how to perform well, and become more familiar with the types of tests used in graduate scheme recruitment. We’re also giving a link to FREE (yes, free) practice tests to help you feel prepared. This session is ideal if you’ve never done psychometric tests before or if you want to improve your technique.

Get Psychometric Test ready >>

6. Preparing for a Graduate Interview
Friday 7 October 2022, 12-1.30pm

Graduate schemes usually have at least one interview and some have more, so this event is perfect for helping you improve your interview skills. If you’re dreading that interview, come along to understand different types of interview questions, how you get scored, and practice answering questions in a relaxed environment. You will also get feedback from a top graduate employer (handy, ey?!).

Prepare for a Graduate Interview >>

Written by Samantha Oates-Miller, Career Insights and Graduate Support Assistant

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