What you need to know: Asia Careers Insight Series

Purple background with the image of a globe and the outlines of four faces surrounding it. Asia Careers Insight Series 2022 is written in black and white text.

Attend the University’s flagship Asia Careers Insight Series to discover career opportunities and gain knowledge about the current recruitment market across Asia, the UK and globally. From 7th to 10th March 2022 we will be hosting a series of employer presentations, panel discussions and skills workshops to help you familiarise yourself with organisations and become more attractive to local and international employers. Sessions are open to all students and graduates from The University of Manchester. Asia Careers Insight Series is delivered in partnership with the Universities of Warwick, Durham and Newcastle.

Day 1 – Monday, 7 March

Register here for Day 1.

Join the first day of the Asia Careers Insights Series, kicking off with a China-focused day. Hear from organisations like Microsoft, Unilever, KPMG and more. The day will cover the Finance, FMCG, Internet and Finance Consulting sectors for you to discover and learn more about opportunities and roles.

Day 2 – Tuesday, 8 March

Register here for Day 2.

The Insights Series will continue with a South-East Asia focus for day two. Familiarise yourself with the South East Asia Labour Market and learn how to excel in the recruitment processes for international opportunities. Hear from Sea Limited, a consumer internet company, which operates under three segments, namely digital entertainment, e-commerce, as well as digital payments and financial services. With continued sessions from Hilti Asia and more…

Day 3 – Wednesday, 9 March

Register here for Day 3.

Our second China focus day will host a range of organisations presenting their opportunities and roles for you to discover. Join day three and delve deeper into the Chinese job market and gain valuable insight from industry experts to maximise your chances of success.

Day 4 – Thursday, 10 March

Register here for Day 4.

On our final day, you will hear from multinational organisations like Ernst & Young India and more from South East Asia. Come and learn about how to internationalise your career prospects and discover opportunities across developed and emerging economies in the Asia region.

Join us at ACIS 2022 to broaden your horizons and discover new possibilities.

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