6 tips for finding a graduate job

Written by Samantha Oates-Miller, Careers Insights and Graduate Support Assistant at the Careers Service

With Stuti Sethi, MEng Computer Science, 2020, Technology Graduate at Barclays Technology Centre

Stuti Sethi graduated in 2020 with an Meng in Computer Science. She is now a Technology Graduate at Barclays Technology Centre. Here, Stuti tells us about her job search in the UK and her top tips for every graduate looking for work:

“Brought up in a family of technology addicts in India, I developed an early interest in Computer Science. To satisfy my curiosity and understand how to create the machinery that interests me, I pursued an MEng in Computer Science at The University of Manchester.

Studying abroad (in the UK) extended a number of job prospects for me, even when the Covid-19 pandemic was making employment difficult. I managed to reach the final rounds of applications in a number of companies; my final decision was between Deloitte London for Cyber Consulting, and Barclays for Technology. I am now working at Barclays Technology Centre as a Technology Graduate.

When you get to choose between roles, remember to take your time to find out where your interests lie and what you want to do. I opted for this job because I wanted to work in DevOps for some years, before moving into consulting.

So how did I get here? Here are my top tips:

Use the University’s Careers Service and International team

Book an application advice appointment with an Application Advisor to improve your CV. The team will help you with the format and guide you through the process of interviews and assessments. There are also lots of application and interview resources online and a section dedicated to international work and study here. Don’t forget that emails from the Careers Service and International Team also contain some really good tips for improving your profile and they send details about vacancies available in the UK and your home country which can be extremely useful.

Apply early

Most of the companies in the UK hire on a rolling basis. Thus, it is essential to apply as soon as the vacancy appears. Use GradCracker, Target Jobs, and RateMyPlacement along with company websites to find graduate schemes. You can find out more about searching for graduate jobs here.

Make a tracker

An Excel sheet with company name, job role, application deadline, pre-requisites, and current status of application will help you follow your next tasks per application.


This is a key skill required for university and the workplace. Attend the careers events hosted by The University of Manchester (you can find a full list of upcoming events on CareerConnect). Meet staff and graduates from various companies to understand their job roles and build a network. A good LinkedIn profile can help you connect with prospective employers.

Join societies and build your transferable skills

I was the President for the Indian Society of Manchester and Student Rep for the School of Computer Science for 2 years. This added value to my CV. There are various types of societies on campus- cultural, academic and sports to name a few. Besides looking great on your resume, being a part of a society will teach you teamwork, time management and event management. After university, take up a hobby or do an online course to boost your CV.

Don’t lose hope

There will be a number of rejections but don’t stop. Ask for feedback where possible and learn from those assessments so that you can perform better in the next ones. You can find out more about handling rejection on the Careers Service careers concerns and confidence pages.

I hope these tips will be helpful in the graduate jobs application process, especially for other international students. Good luck and more power to you!”

If you need any guidance, information or advice, don’t forget that you can access the Careers Service throughout your time at University and for up to two years after finishing your degree. Wherever you are in the world, you can use the resources on the Careers website or book a guidance appointment through CareerConnect.

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