Careers Support for students and graduates with a disability/ mental health condition/ long-term health condition

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Written by Delia Goodwin, Careers Consultant (Disability) at the Careers Service

This is a long title for a blog post! The term disability however, covers all of these categories. You may not even be aware of this but you might fall into the category of having a disability which means you are entitled to extra support and advice at the Careers Service.

Following on from a recent post on Careers Support for students from underrepresented groups, there’s more to say about what we offer.

How can the Careers Service help you?

  1. We offer extended appointments of 60 minutes provided by our two specialist careers consultants. You can use these to discuss any queries you have about job hunting with a disability; how, if and when to disclose; adjustments and finding supportive employers. Book here.
  2. We host regular workshops online designed with you in mind. You can view previous ones here and book onto upcoming events here.
  3. On our dedicated Disability and Mental health pages you’ll find a wealth of information signposting you to specialist support organisations, internships and graduate opportunities.

What extra resources are there?

We’ll be posting on here regularly with more detailed insights and links to relevant information on a range of topics and will alert you to events or opportunities for you to investigate further. In the meantime, do take a look at this blog written by disability specialists in universities:

AGCAS Disability Task Group blog

How can you get involved?

Let us know if there’s a topic that is important to you related to disability and we’ll do our best to share our knowledge and advice, based on many years of working with disabled students and graduates. You can drop us a message on the live chat or via our social media channels. We also host student blogs so if you would like to share your experiences with us, please get in touch at

Remember that we are here for you for two years after graduation as well and can support you in navigating the transition from university to the workplace.

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