Researchers online career programme

The free online “Career Management for Researchers” course is currently available for any PhDs to access at your own pace.

However, if you’d like some extra local support, the chance to talk things through, share strategies, ideas and experiences, as well as build a network of contacts and a support network, why not join our University of Manchester cohort, starting in March?

If you enrol on 1st of March, you can take part in the online activities each week, including the online forums – but you’ll also get the chance to come along to weekly University of Manchester discussion sessions, to share your thoughts on what you’ve covered in the previous week.

What is this programme?

Career Management for Researchers” is a bespoke online course, provided through Future Learn, and developed by specialist researcher careers consultants at the universities of Sheffield, Edinburgh and Glasgow. It has been designed for doctoral researchers and research staff who are exploring their career options and preparing for the next stage in their career, whether in academia or beyond. It is a 4 part course designed to address key career issues pertinent to researchers. Each week the course content provides a range of articles, videos, reflective activities, exercises and discussion topics. You are encouraged to set aside 3 hours to complete all of the content available in a week. 

Course themes

  • Week 1 – Making career plans and identifying what you want
  • Week 2 – Exploring career options beyond academia
  • Week 3 – Careers in Higher Education – research, teaching and professional roles
  • Week 4 – Job search, CVs, applications and interviews within and beyond HE.

Designed as a 4 part course to be completed over 4 weeks, you can access it individually and work on it at your own pace. Once you register, you have 6 weeks when the course is open to you. 

Our cohort

Careers consultant, Elizabeth Wilkinson, will be facilitating online discussion sessions around the course on set dates over a 4 week period. This will allow you to complete the course content each week before sharing your ideas and thoughts. 

Want to be part of this?

Drop us an email at and let us know you’d like to be involved. We’ll send you details of how to access the weekly discussion groups.

Key dates:

  • 1st Marchenrol on the online course and start on week 1 of the course content. Don’t enrol earlier as you only have 6 weeks of free access to the course content. 
  • 9th March – 4-5pm – welcome and online discussion about week 1 content. 
  • 16th March – 4-5pm – online discussion after completing week 2 content.
  • 23rd March – 4-5pm – online discussion after completing week 3 content.
  • 30th March – 4-5pm – online discussion after completing week 4 content. Next steps.

Why not join us?

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