Strengths recruitment – free support during lockdown

Written by Ben Carter, Careers Consultant at The Careers Service

You may have seen the term “Strengths-based recruitment” (SBR) thrown around by employers lately. You may even have been through a Strengths interview – they’re on the rise, with some 40% of the top 100 graduate recruiters using some form of SBR. If you’re concerned, unsure or just want to get prepared, there are some free resources available through April which could help.

What is SBR?

A Strengths interviewer doesn’t just want to know about your past experiences, and where you’ve used the skills thereafter. They also want to know if you enjoyed those experiences. Strengths recruitment is based on the idea that we work better when engaged and enthused. Interviewers are looking for the moments when you light up when talking about your skills, as a sign that you’re truly engaged. The best way to prepare for this is to know what you’re best at, with some form of Strengths Profile.

Where can I get a Strengths Profile?

One of the most popular firms for SBR is Cappfinity, whose clients include EY, Severn Trent and BAe Systems. During April 2020, they’re offering free access to their Strengths Profile tool. This will set you up with an Introductory Strengths Profile, as a means of gauging your best abilities, your habitual skills and areas for improvement. You can then use this as a tool to prepare for your next Strengths interview – it can give you insight into areas you’ve not previously explored. If you miss out on the April offer, you can still generate a basic Strengths Profile using Cappfinity’s JobMi resources.

How can I better understand my Strengths Profile?

As a response to the lockdown caused by COVID-19, Cappfinity have also launched the #StrengthsTogether initiative. They’re offering additional insight into each of their 60 Strengths, focussing on how best to use them during lockdown. All 60 will have been covered by the end of April, so if your top Strengths have not been covered yet, just be patient.

What next?

Talk through your Strengths Profile – ask friends and family if they think it’s a true reflection of you. Ask a Careers Consultant for their thoughts on how to discuss your Strengths at interview. And take a look at our Preparing for Interviews guide for more on how to prepare.

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