How to job search from home

Written by Louise Sethi, Careers Consultant at the Careers Service

Job searching while you’re stuck indoors – easy!  Or is it? Google ‘graduate job vacancies’ and just under a second later you have 141,000,000 entries to plough through. An easier way is to call up the ‘Which career?’ section of our website and explore sectors and jobs that interest you. Our careers information team invest hours of their time so you have instant access to the most relevant vacancy sites. There are also Find Jobs and Work Experience pages for all types of opportunities including part-time jobs, placements and graduate schemes.

But if you’re thinking ‘That’s great, but I don’t have a clue what job I want’, then CareersLink could give you some ideas and introduce you to job roles you probably didn’t know existed.  This site is run by the Careers Service so employers can upload vacancies they would like University of Manchester students and graduates to apply for. You can log in straight away using your University details. Doing an advanced search lets you filter vacancies according to type, geographical location and more. However, it sometimes helps if you don’t limit yourself to one particular sector and are open minded about job titles – who knows, your dream job could be behind that job title!

So, you’ve followed this advice and found something you’d like to apply for.  That’s great, but because writing an application takes time, and hearing back from an employer can take even longer, it makes sense to apply for more than one opportunity. Despite this, make sure it’s not so many that you haven’t got time to craft a good application! When writing an application you’ll need to adapt your writing style and use shorter sentences than you would in an essay. You also need to carefully read all the information available to you and tailor your application to suit the requirements of the role. The applications section of our website tells you how to do this. Once you’ve drafted an application you can contact us for feedback before sending it off. We can also help you put together a convincing profile for LinkedIn, a professional networking site with plenty of job vacancies advertised. 

If you’re in your final year, or you’ve recently graduated, and you are looking for jobs in Manchester, our Manchester Graduate Talent programme sources paid graduate-level jobs with a range of organisations and sectors based in Greater Manchester, including the University. There is an MGT Facebook group that will keep you in the loop for new opportunities and a vacancy bulletin you can sign-up for.

While being in Lockdown means there may be fewer things to distract you from your job search, this can feel like a strange and stressful time. Be kind to yourself and work out the best approach for you. Sometimes, putting aside a little time on a regular basis is better than searching for hours on end.  It can also help to rope in family members and ask them to keep an eye out for jobs you might be interested in. Another idea is to team-up with a friend and agree to pass on vacancies to each other. Why not share this blog post with them?  

Try to go about your job search in a systematic way. Keep a note of job sites you like, job roles that look interesting, applications made and set-up a folder so everything’s in one place. We’d also recommend checking the Careers Service FAQ page which includes updates about Careers Service initiatives, such as Manchester Graduate Talent.  Finally, don’t forget we’re here to support you and, in addition to applications advice, we offer online careers guidance appointments to help get you on the right track.  Good luck!

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