5 reasons to attend the Postgraduate Study Fair

Written by Callum McAvan, Student Communications and Marketing Assistant at the Careers Service

The Postgraduate Study Fair will be taking over Manchester Academy on the 19th of November. Whether your heart is set on a particular course or you don’t have any idea what the future holds beyond your graduation, this fair is absolutely worth your time! Here are five reasons why.

There are so many institutions in attendance

When you were looking at your options prior to your first degree, you wouldn’t have only considered one option. So why would now be any different? We have over 60 institutions at the fair, including universities from up and down the country. No matter what your interest is, there will be several exhibitors at the fair who offer a course to match.

Learn about funding

“How can I fund further study?” – It’s one of the most common questions we get asked at the Careers Service, and naturally it should be a consideration. Despite that, it’s really not as cut throat as you might think.

There are a plethora of options ranging from student loans to scholarships and grants that you may well be eligible for. These grants differ depending on the university so the fair is a great opportunity to find out what each institution can offer you to fund your study.

We’ll also be offering talks with experts in postgraduate funding on the day, which can give you great insight into your funding options.

 Kill time between lectures

It’s a tale as old as time – you have just finished a lecture and you have a seminar in an hour, or two. It’s not long enough to go home and continue your sixth re-watch of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ (just me?), but it’s too long to warrant sitting and scrolling through Twitter.

Well, here’s where the Postgrad Study Fair comes in. It’s on campus, it’s indoors (so as to avoid the rain), it’s on from 12.30pm – 3.30pm and it’s big enough for you to pass the time by, and gain some great insight of your options for the future.

There’s more on offer than you might think

When you think of further study your first thought (if you’re anything like me when I was doing my Bachelor’s) is probably a master’s. Well, as much as there is a lot on offer if a master’s does interest you, it’s far from the only thing on the table at our fair.

Further study can be a master’s, a PhD, a law conversion course, a PGCE to get into teaching, and much more! It doesn’t even have to be connected to your bachelor’s, if you want to try something completely fresh, many courses are open to students that have completed any undergrad degree.


What list of reasons to go to a careers fair would be complete without the obligatory plug for freebies? Just remember, that if all else fails, at least you’ve attended, likely had a couple of pleasant conversations and bagged yourself a tote bag, some sweets and a handful of pens. Sweets taste better when they’re free, that’s just a fact.

The Postgraduate Study Fair takes place on Tuesday, 19 November from 12.30pm – 3.30pm. Book your free ticket and visit the Facebook event.

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