Where are all the science jobs?

Written by Elizabeth Wilkinson, Postgraduate Careers Consultant at The Careers Service

If you are a science researcher, masters or undergrad, it’s not always easy to find the jobs to apply to amongst all the engineering, IT and finance/business roles on offer.

However, by using your research skills, you can uncover lots of scientific jobs and employers – here’s how.

1. Look for science jobs which are being advertised:

  • The pros – you know there is a job to be filled.
  • The cons – so do lots of other people, so the competition will be high.

2. Look for scientific employers and see if they have any jobs:

  • The pros – they may have jobs to be filled, but if a job isn’t available now, they may keep you on file; this means that when a vacancy does occur, they may contact you before even considering advertising, so there is less competition.
  • The cons – may not be recruiting when you need a job.

Expand your tactics for finding science jobs


Here are some resources to get you started searching for scientific jobs.

Scientific recruitment agencies

Online profile – make it work harder for you

  • Join professional networks eg LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com), update your profile (include scientific skills/technologies so they appear in searches), join specialist groups for jobs in your field, follow employers represented in those groups & others you know – become findable!
  • Specialist job ads are becoming more common on LinkedIn – search for jobs in your field and set up job alerts.

Online search for job adverts – use specialist sites

General science jobs websites such as

Graduate (and postgraduate) job sites – can filter for science jobs

Find scientific employers and engage with them

University of Manchester Careers Service

Look in science and innovation parks – search members

Explore research institutes, centres and companies interested in researchers

Find networks of scientists & get involved

Let others know you’re looking – they might lead to a useful contact

  • Tell everyone you know what you’re looking for, social and online contacts included. You never know who a friend or distant cousin might know…
  • Attend recruitment events, talk to employers, link with them on LinkedIn
  • Update your social media and professional online profiles (eg. LinkedIn)

Send speculative CVs to specialist employers, especially smaller scientific employers. Include a link to your online professional profile – this allows you to keep your details up to date and offers the chance for them to connect online with you, for future reference.

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