Manchester: how to live your best student life

Written by Callum McAvan, Student Communications and Marketing Assistant at the Careers Service.

Manchester’s got everything except a beach– Ian Brown, The Stone Roses

He’s not wrong. Whether it’s on your course, at the University, or beyond, your time at Manchester is a cornucopia of opportunity. My advice to you would be grab those opportunities with both hands. After all, they’ll make great stories to bore people with once your time at Uni is little more than a set of memories.

Find your study spot

Acquainting yourself with the University’s campus is absolutely top of the list when it comes to priorities. Across the main campus you’ll see a mix of historic and modern buildings, nearly all of which will have little hotspots where you can set yourself in for some serious studying.

Often, your first port of call will be the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons, or the Main Library. That being said, unless you’re an early bird (a distinctly rare occurrence amongst the student population) then good luck finding any free computers. My recommendation would be to venture a bit further afield; try Mansfield Cooper which is just short walk from the AGLC, or the John Rylands Library, with its stunning architecture.

Find your special nook to study in, no matter where that is, because it does the world of good to have a place where you can be in work mode. Late night essay writing on your bed ain’t it, chief.

Take a break

Studying is important, it’s why you’re at University. Let’s be real though, it’s more than just the University that brought you to this city. It’s important to take breaks from your studies, switch off and let live.

After all, Manchester has almost everything – Ian Brown knows his stuff. Gigs? We’ve got that. Bars? We’ve got that. Art? We’ve got that. Beautiful countryside just a short train journey away? We’ve even got that.

No matter how you want to enjoy your time, Manchester has it, and there’s many like-minded people just a stone’s throw away (but don’t throw stones, that’s not nice)

Get to know The Careers Service

You’re reading this so you probably know that we exist! Step one complete. Well, let me tell you – we’re here to help you with everything from part-time jobs, CVs and placements to enterprise and entrepreneurship. No matter what your query, we can either help, or direct you to someone who can.

You can find out more on our website and through CareersLink – our portal for jobs, events and more. Alternatively, come speak to us at The Atrium, First Floor, University Place.

Discover how you learn

Study time is important, but with the best will in the world all those hours at the desk are wasted if you don’t retain any of that information. You wouldn’t build a house without solid foundations, nor should you study without those foundations.

Invest time in yourself, what makes all of the information you’ve been told stick in your mind? How can you best prepare for essays and exams? Learn how you learn and it all falls into place after that, with a bit of hard work.

Try something new

University has so much to offer beyond your course, so take advantage! Whether it’s joining a society, volunteering to help a cause you feel passionate about or getting involved with the Student’s Union, there will be something to catch your eye.

Also, it’s always a good idea to visit one of our fairs, and scope out what your options are for your future career.

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