Things you need to know before you leave UoM this summer.

If you are leaving Uni soon there are some things you need to know….

Email & computer access

Your email account will be turned off (usually after graduation) and you will lose access to computers on campus too.  You normally get an email warning you about this from IT, (but it’s easy to miss), so start clearing out your inbox and forwarding on any information you need to keep.

You’ll need to change the way you access CareersLink soon.

1   If your STUDENT CareersLink account still works – keep using it until it doesn’t! (there will be a random date when you are converted to ALUMNI status!)

So if you still have access to my Manchester  – Change your preferred contact email to a non-University email address asap.

2   To access your GRADUATE / ALUMNI  CareersLink account: – select Graduate & Alumni!


  1. If you were already using a non student email account on Careerslink – you may be able to login immediately or just reset your password. (use the forgot password link)
  2. If you need to tell us a new contact email address. Email the support team on quoting your student ID numbers or uername and tell us which email address you want to use. Reset your password the first time you use the alumni account. Your username remains the same (8 digit combination of letters and numbers used for all University IT systems.)
  3. If you do not receive your password reset email (check your spam folder) or have any other problems email

Going to a new University in September?

If you are moving on to a new University, things will be different. Although you can access careers services here for 2 years after you complete your course (or 1 year if you leave without completing) you should check out the Careers Service at your new Uni too. They may have different services and expertise to us, especially if it’s a subject area we don’t cover here… like agriculture or marine biology!


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