Student Blog: We Asked UoM Students Who Their BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) Role Models Are

Written by Yvonne Lau and Homirah Mullah, UoM Students and Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors

For BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) people, it’s important to have people you admire and look up to that look like you.

So, we went around campus asking students which BAME people they thought were doing amazing things.

Dorcas, 1st year, Biomedical science and Sebastian, 1st year, Biomedical science

Dorcas and Seb.jpg

Kenneth To

“I like him because he is passionate about swimming, and the fact that he was trying hard to be connected with his culture (Hong Kong) inspires me a lot.”


“My BAME role model is Emmy, a youtuber from Taiwan. She is talented in cooking, creative and curious about everything. That’s why she makes great videos. And she has bees in her house!”

Prasham and Payal, 1st year, Economics

Prasham and Payal.jpg

Lebron James

“My role model is Lebron James. I am always inspired by his spirit…He wants to be THE BEST.  EVERYDAY. EVERY GAME”

Chris Tayib, 1st year, Psychology


Malorie Blackburn

“She highlights racism in a unique style. She writes easily accessible books that impressionable children can read, conveying the harrowing nature of racism in a non-preachy way”

Ottillie, 1st year, Drama


My course mate

“My course mate is simply amazing. She is really hard working and I admire her for her hard work on slam poetry.”

Kirsten McDonalds, 1st year, History


Courtney Daniella

An entrepreneur, influencer, Youtuber.

“She’s a Cambridge student from Ghana! She has loads of motivational videos. She’s really inspirational!!”

Alice, 3rd year exchange student from Taiwan, Literature


My Chinese teacher from Taiwan

“She taught us how to work efficiently. She was different from other teachers, she looked at things from my point of view. She had a unique approach to teaching- rather than making us just memorise everything, she made discussions so we can think more deeply about things.”

Matt, second year, Politics


Barack Obama

“He’s a cool guy. He’s different.. and his politics aren’t that crazy.”


Samantha and Dzentra, Masters in Human Rights & Law

samantha and.jpg

Jameela Jamil

An Indian British actress, presenter, activist .

“She expresses what she feels. She expresses what she sees wrong in the society. If she’s angry she lets it be known!”


“As a Black woman, she has given herself, other women, and other Black women a voice.”

Coming up is the BAME Careers and Beyond event on the 2nd April 2019, where top BAME professionals from various industries will talk about how best to pursue employment opportunities after graduation as a person of colour.

BAME event social media image.png-1


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