What to do if you’re an international student staying in Manchester over Christmas

Written by Kareem Belfon, Marketing and Communications Assistant at the Careers Service

Campus might seem slightly quieter over the winter break, as many students return home for Christmas. However, there’s still plenty of things you can be getting involved with in Manchester during the festive season.  If you’re sticking around over the holidays, the most important things to remember are:

  • There’s no chance of ever getting bored in Manchester over Christmas time.
  • There are lots of other students who will be staying here, too. Get to know them!
  • You can use this time to help build your skills and plan your future.

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Explore Manchester during Christmas time:

Manchester never sleeps – especially over Christmas. Whether you want an amazing night out or to soak up some culture, you’ll never find yourself bored if you’re staying over Christmas. Catch a show, go to one of the many Christmas markets, go ice-skating and loads more.

Blog: Things to do over the Christmas break in Manchester 

Get involved with the International Society events:

The International Society have lots of different activities and trips taking place over the Christmas period – including shopping trips, cinema club, and a Christmas and New Year get together on the 28th December. To find out how to get involved check out their website.

IntSociety Christmas.jpg


Get a part-time job:

Christmas is the perfect time to find some part time work. Many places, especially in hospitality and retail, will be looking for some extra help over the busy Christmas period. Head over to CareersLink to find part-time jobs, or go old school and print off some CV’s and give them out around town.

You’ll need a National Insurance Number to work in the UK part-time, so apply for one if you haven’t already. We’ve got a National Insurance Number guide to help you out.

Volunteer over the winter period:

Christmas is the time of giving – so while you’re in Manchester over Christmas you could think about doing some volunteering. Support those who may be in need by giving up some of your time over the winter break. Visiting the UoM Volunteering page would be a good place to start. Alternatively, you can check Do-it or Manchester Community Central to find volunteering opportunities.

Use the winter break to plan your future:

If you have a spare afternoon, why not dedicate it to making a careers plan for 2019? Identify your strengths and find out what you can be doing to secure yourself a bright future. Are you going to try and get some more work experience? Thinking about applying for placement or internship? Jot it down and plan out the next few months. If you need a hand, we’ve given you six things you can do today could set you on the road to career success. 

Do you know your UK Christmas traditions?

Why is everyone talking about a John Lewis advert? Why is it called Boxing Day? Learn all about the UK’s Christmas traditions to make sure you’re fully in the know.

The Ali G may be nice and empty, but it’s important to step away from your studies at some point over the holidays and take some time to see what a Manchester Christmas is all about. You’ve worked hard this year – you deserve a break!

So, from all of us at the Careers Service…

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