Graduate scheme and internship applications – why are you delaying registering?

When you are planning to apply for a graduate scheme or internship at a big organisation it is tempting to try and get all your ducks in a row before taking the plunge and registering on the company’s website. I often see students who want to get their CV checked or practice interview technique so they are ready for an application but they haven’t actually checked what the company wants.

The problem with this approach is that you might waste valuable time. This year we are seeing more organisations than ever make an application form or CV one of the later stages of the application. Instead they often kick off with tests – Situational Judgement Tests are popular, some ask you to complete ability tests such as numerical, verbal or logical reasoning as well or instead. Some will ask you to take a game-based assessment. Other companies make a video interview the first stage, (for others this stage comes second after passing the tests).

Often you are only able to submit a full application after passing tests and video interview, I have even come across one or two which have progressed candidates all the way to an assessment centre without requiring any application documents at all.

There are still organisations out there for who the application process for graduate schemes and internships begins with a traditional application form or CV and cover letter. In short – you cannot know until you register and begin the process.

So my recommendation is if you find a graduate scheme or internship that interests you register as soon as possible. Don’t second-guess what will come, but be prepared to be agile! Our website has loads of help for different stages of the application process once you know what you are facing

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