8 Reasons to Consider Further Study That You Won’t Get Told at the Postgraduate Study Fair

Written by Anna Lomas, Employability Consultant at the Careers Service.

I could take this opportunity to reel off the sensible reasons why postgraduate study is definitely something you should consider – because you’ll demonstrate that you’re tenacious, capable of self-managing and working independently or because you’ll develop your critical thinking, analytical and research skills – all things which will ultimately make you more employable.

I’m not though.

  1. You want a genuine reason to go to Paperchase to buy more stationary.


2. You’re not ready to give up your NUS card and student discounts just yet.

30 rock dancing GIF

3. You liked graduating so much, you want to do it again.


4. You simply can’t bear the fact that the reality of a 9-5 job could be less than a year away.

real world.gif

5. You can legitimately use the excuse ‘Sorry I can’t come – I’ve got Uni work to do.’

kim kardashian GIF


jon stewart crying GIF

7. You get to add a fancy title to the end of your name.

really smart.gif


help me im poor.gif

Ok, so we’re being a bit irreverent.

I guess what we’re trying to say is that there are a whole host of reasons why you might consider postgraduate study as your next step and they’re all equally valid.

Find out yourself at the The Postgraduate Study Fair – there will be 60+ universities there talk to you about their postgraduate courses, plus advice sessions about how to choose the right course and, more importantly, how to fund your studies. You may even discover some reasons of your own.

Register for the Postgraduate Study Fair and visit the Facebook Event Page.


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