Don’t get Spooked by your future. Learn the tricks you’ll need to treat yourself to a future you will love. (Yes it’s the Halloween blog post)

Cue spooky music……

What makes a good thriller or horror movie?

  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Mistakes leading to jeopardy.
  • Unexpected turns of events.
  • Fear of the known! You know the monster is there, do you fight or flee?

Your life does not have to be this way

While I can’t promise a Disney style happy ending with unicorns,  it doesn’t have to be a Hammer House of Horrors ( if anyone is into horror back catalogue they were terrible!)

1 Dealing with fear of the unknownadult-art-caution-350614

Not knowing what you are going to do next can be worrying but avoiding it won’t make it go away, it will always be lurking around the corner.

You don’t have to do this alone! Talk to us about your options and we can help you break it down into manageable actions and offer support when you need it.

2 Learning from or avoiding mistakes black-and-white-creepy-dark-25757

Nobody wants to make mistakes but they happen. Perhaps you were mistaken about your choice of internship or career area, maybe your application wasn’t targeted properly, could you have done better at interview?

Whatever the problem don’t run and hide.  Think about what happened and ask for help so that you can try again.

3 Predicting the unexpected and coping with it if it happens fortune-telling-2458920_1280

  • You have an interview at 9am in London.  Do you get the train that gets in at 8.30 or go the night before in case the train is late?  We all know that travelling can be unpredictable so you act accordingly.
  • What if you get called to interview with just 3 days notice – how will you cope? Avoiding the issue by asking for another date may not be an option, getting some emergency help from us may be. Come to the careers desk or ring us for a drop in chat about preparing for interviews.

4 Fear of the known.. putting things into perspective and taking action

nightmare before exmasWhether it’s starting a new job, leaving university or sitting your exams.  You know it’s coming. Arm your self with the right tools and that monster becomes a little less terrifying.

Do your research, start planning early and ask us for help as and when you need it.

Come on down to Careers in the Atrium Uni Place for Halloween we will have Tricks (of the trade) and Treats for you 🙂





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