Why go to the Manchester Medicine Careers Fair?

MMSCSWhy go to the Manchester Medicine careers fair? It’s on Wed 31 Oct, 16:00-18:00 in Whitworth Hall

You’re going to be a doctor – right? Your career decisions are already made? Maybe.
With 30 plus specialities to choose from, how can you know which might be right for you? Research completed here with UoM students (including medical students!) has shown that those making an easier transition into the next stage of their career do certain things whilst studying here. And the Manchester Medicine careers fair makes at least three of these very easy: communicate, connect and explore!

Here’s a little run through of things the fair can give you.

While looking online and attending talks or presentations can be helpful when thinking about your medicine career path… nothing quite beats being able to actually speak to a professional who is living the role. Having the chance to approach someone in the know who is willing to share their experiences is easily the best way to get the answers to the real questions that are on your mind. At the fair you can cut to the chase with professionals and experienced practitioners and gain a lot of insight from their experiences. People love talking about themselves (especially qualified Doctors…sshhh) so you generally don’t even have to ask that many probing questions at fairs like this one. It’s easy.

Confirming Ideas and finding new things
Maybe you know you want to go on and become a Psychiatrist and you’re more than happy with that. Great. But… you’ve never been a Psychiatrist before. You may have never met a Psychiatrist before. You may well have no idea what a day in the life of a Psychiatrist is like, what their challenges are, what their working conditions are like, how the different branches of Psychiatry vary to one another.

This is where a fair comes in handy! You can turn up and see loads of people from different specialities, or just quiz those who are working in the one (or few) you’re interested in. The fair allows you to compare specialities and to ask those specific questions about what it’s really like. We literally gather everyone up and make them sit in a room just for you – this is a great chance to have uninterrupted time quizzing clinicians that would usually be dashing about and hard to track down.

The truth
By just looking on websites and doing research online it can be really hard to gauge what a speciality that you’re interested in is actually like. It’s hard to gain a balanced idea of both the positives and negatives of various medicine career paths when there’s no one to ask that’s actually experiencing it day-to-day. The fair gives you the chance to find out about some of the negatives related to certain career paths as well as the positives. At a fair you get to see clinicians from loads of different places and you can ask them “what are some of the challenges you struggle with here then?” and they are happy to give you the truth of their typical day.

It can’t hurt
Bluntly, instead of coming up with ideas not to go – it won’t hurt! You may end up staying for hours getting an insight into things you never even considered, or you may be done within half an hour and end up grabbing a coffee. Either way it won’t hurt so give it a go, as it’s very competitive out there when you graduate!

How to register: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/manchester-medicine-careers-fair-2018-tickets-50775352446
More info: www.onemedbuzz.manchester.ac.uk/?buzz_opportunity=manchester-medicine-careers-fair-2018

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