LinkedIn – How do I know if this postgraduate course is right for me?

Choosing a postgraduate course is no easy tasks, with lots of different factors to consider, such as cost, content and location. LinkedIn can help you make that decision by allowing you to search for alumni of a course to see what they’re up to now and if this aligns with your desired career path.

To do this, find the University you’re interested in by searching for it and click on the ‘See Alumni’ button. Then, you can search for the course in the keyword search bar.

See alumni with red

Not all of the results will be alumni from your course, and if you find alumni from unrelated degrees coming up frequently you can narrow down your search. You will see horizontal bar graphs outlining where your search results live, work and what they do. If you click on ‘Next’ you’ll see a breakdown of what they studied and what they are skilled at which you can use to isolate alumni who studied your course or who have the skills you’ll need in the roles you are interested in.

career insights with red

You can use this to see where the course has taken previous students. Some of these alumni may also be open to receiving messages, so you can ask them how they found the course and how they then went on to enter the career they are in now!

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