Do you worry that there are no jobs out there?

Sometimes it can feel as though there just aren’t enough jobs out there to apply to, and this can be disheartening. However, it might not always be the reality, so here are some suggestions for how to tackle this challenge.

Jobsearch computer says no

Are you using the right jobsites & networks?

Finding jobs in areas such as the media, the charities sector and the public sector can be quite different to job hunting in other areas. Some sectors have their own specialist jobsites and networks, and some make greater use of social media such as Twitter to spread the word. See the Which Career section of the Careers Service website for more detailed advice on how to adapt your job hunting, and see our networking tips for how to use social media and other networks in your job hunting.

Graduate jobsites vs. general jobsites

CareersLink is often the best place to start looking, as we advertise thousands of jobs aimed at University of Manchester students and graduates, some of which you won’t see elsewhere. General jobsites like Indeed, Monster and Total Jobs are not aimed at graduates so may not have the same range of vacancies specifically for you. Here’s a useful list of other places to look:

Are your search criteria too narrow?

If you are looking for a very specific role this can sometimes narrow your chances of finding a plentiful supply of vacancies, e.g. looking for graduates roles in Corporate Social Responsibility, or roles with the title ‘Project Manager’, which we rarely see advertised at graduate level. We suggest broadening your search to consider other opportunities, especially if your location is also a key consideration. Looking for a niche opportunity in a location where few of these roles are advertised means you are very likely to struggle. Contact the Careers Service for advice.

Is it the right time of year?

Some employers will advertise early in the academic year, or during specific times. Larger graduate recruiters may have a published date window for applications, you can see some of these listed on our Finding Graduate Jobs page. Some employers may recruit by word of mouth or promote their opportunities as and when they come available, which makes the timing hard to predict, so networking may prove a useful strategy to find out more and be in contact with the right people when opportunities do become available. Following them on social media or connecting on LinkedIn can be a good start.

Degree grade requirements for the job

If you feel there aren’t jobs because you didn’t get the desired degree result for some of these, see our advice on this topic below. While some employers look for a minimum degree grade (commonly a 2:1) not all employers request this, and your other qualities, skills and experience are very important.

Hope these tips were useful. As a University of Manchester student or graduate, you can also contact us for advice, just call the Careers Service to book a Careers Guidance appointment on 0161 275 2829.

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