Are you planning on leaving your job-search until after your exams?

iStock_000014926850XSmall Start new jobExams typically finish late May early June so if you do want a job starting in Summer or September then you are going to need a strategy and to work fast.

In May & June vacancy numbers go up as recruiters look to fill those last minute opportunities.  By August however opportunities are lessening as many bigger recruiters fill their places or start recruiting for the next academic year.

So what can you do to be prepared?

  1. Be clear about your goals – what type of job are you looking for? This will help you to move fast when you see an opportunity.
  2. Be flexible. If your dream job is not available right now – try something out.
  3. Look at opportunities with small companies – you may not know their name but is the job right?
  4. Get your CV up to date – so you can tailor it quickly when you see a job advertised.

Where should you look for opportunities?

  • Manchester Graduate Talent – MGT offers 2 types of opportunity in Manchester.
    • Internships within the University, these normally last up to 1 year.
    • Permanent or temporary roles in big & small organisations based around Manchester.
    • The turnaround from advert to job offer can be very quick.
    • Jobs are advertised as and when they become available usually April – February.
    • There are usually a lot of summer start opportunities within the University due to student activity patterns.
  • CareersLink Vacancy databases access for UoM students & graduates only. Use the advanced search options to look for vacancies by occupation or location.
  • Try our Graduate jobsearch tool – ready made searches for lots of types of graduate level jobs.
  • Speculative. If you can’t find a job advertised but you know what you want you can try other approaches. You will need to do your research into the sector or type of work to find potential employers and understand what they will be looking for. You can then try a variety of techniques to contact them see our jobsearch guide



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