Why go to any careers fair?


Because you can win a goldfish on the hook-a-ducks! No, not that kind of fair – I mean careers fairs. Careers fairs are the most effective ways of resolving any careers-related doubts, learning about paths for your future, and bagging work experience, internships, or graduate jobs.

Here’s a little run through of things only a fair can give you.


Reading information online is all-well-and-good, but the information will only answer the questions that the author has pre-empted you may have. Your real questions won’t be answered as directly as a real conversation would do.; you have a real conversation with helpful people.

Confirming Ideas

Maybe you know you want to go on and become a lawyer and you’re more than happy with that. Great. But… you’ve never been a lawyer before. You may have never met a lawyer before. You have no idea how law firms operate, what their atmosphere is like, what their working conditions are like, how law firms differ to one another.

This is where a fair comes in handy! You can turn up and see loads of different organisations that you can compare with and ask those specific questions to. We literally gather everyone up and make them sit in a room just for you. The tables are slightly turned as they’re all competing for you.

The bad stuff

A website won’t tell you the bad stuff unfortunately. No company has a website telling you all about their brand and how wonderful they are… but has a little tab about how there’s “long hours, low pay, and no dinner breaks”. At a fair you get to see employees of loads of different places and you can ask them “what’s the bad stuff going on here then?” and they are happy to give you the negatives as well as the positives.

It can’t hurt

Bluntly, instead of coming up with ideas not to go – it won’t hurt! You may end up staying for hours getting an insight into things you never even considered, or you may be done within half an hour and end up in town shopping. Either way it won’t hurt so give it a go, as it’s very competitive out there when you graduate!

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