Starting University in September? Be bold, be resilient, make plans, be you!

Welcome_With A level results out soon and many graduate schemes opening for Autumn it’s time to look ahead for both new & returning students.

If you are starting your First year at University

It can be an exciting and bewildering time.  Some of you will have thought long and hard about different courses, universities and career options. Many of you won’t. Don’t worry too much here’s our top tips.

  • Do push yourself to try different things and meet new people.  It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but no-one else will know unless you tell them.
  • Things won’t be the same as at school / college. You will need to learn how to do things differently and it might not be obvious. ASK FOR HELP – there are support services for just about everything at University so make use of them, the savvy people all do!
  • A degree is more that just a piece of paper it’s about experience, think about what you want to get out of your time at Uni.
  • If you are coming to Manchester pack an umbrella & wellies!

Use our first year guide to help you explore some of the things you could be doing.

Returning to university for a middle of study.

You hopefully have accommodation all sorted out and know exactly what to pack and where to go.  So apart from some freshers/welcome week fun it’s easing yourself back into study.   Just bear in mind..

  • If you want to intern (do a formal summer work experience scheme in a big company) you’ll need to get applying soon.
  • If you didn’t volunteer or get work experience in 1st year then there is still time so get on it asap.
  • It’s time to try things out, only by knowing what you like & don’t like can you make informed choices for the future.

Going into your final year or a Masters year?

  • You guys really need to hit the ground running if you intend to apply for graduate schemes. Some close before Christmas or earlier, check the companies you are interested in so that you don’t miss out.
  • If you haven’t had any thoughts for what you want to do after university, it’s time to look at some options so that you don’t have the post Christmas panic,  yes it’s a thing!

Be ready to grasp opportunities when they come up.

Whatever stage you are at there are different options open to you to enrich your university life and help you understand more about yourself and your goals for the future.

  • Volunteering looks great on your CV, shows you care and helps you develop real skills and experience.
  • Join a society and get involved in running it.
  • Work while you study Gain real business experience and cash in your pocket!
  • Get a mentor Ask questions about careers that interest you and get an insiders opinion!

Have a great time but be prepared to deal with the tough stuff!

  • Be open to new experiences (legal ones please), discover something new about yourself.
  • Don’t expect to like everything you do. Learn from experience and try a different direction.
  • You are bound to have some setbacks, persevere. Build up that store of grit and determination.
  • Ask for advice before you need help. Heading off a problem is better than having it!

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