April Newsletter for Masters Students

The Romans called April Aprilis.  No one is sure the exact meaning of the word. Some scholars think that it may be related to an old Italic word meaning “the following, the next”, in a sequence of events. Old folk interpretations link it to the Latin aperire (think ‘aperture’ on a camera – the bit that opens to allow light into the lens) “to open”  – referring the opening of buds and blossoms in Spring.

Either interpretation is apt at this stage of your career: you will be thinking about what’s “next” or what will “follow” your taught programme, you’ll also be on the lookout for “openings” and opportunities.


Careers Fairs

The Grad Fair 2017

Thursday 4 May 2017 10:30am – 4:00pm
The Armitage Centre, Fallowfield, Manchester

FREE ENTRY: Register to attend now!

Postgraduates often wonder why there are generally no careers fairs focused particularly on them.   To understand, it’s helpful to understand the events from employers’ point of view.


To make it worth everyone’s while, employers need to make sure they have enough job opportunities for their target audiences.  It may be the employers’ have so many opportunities or that the niche nature of the work makes it challenging to attract enough good candidates.  Attending fairs is expensive for employers; there is the cost of a stand, promotional materials, staff time, the work not being done whilst staff are away, and travel costs – employers need to be assured that enough people from their target audiences are going to attend the event.

Generally, jobs targeting postgraduates are specialist roles that can be advertised at any point during the year.

Careers Fairs can still be helpful to postgraduates, depending on what you want to do, think you might want to do, or if you have no idea.  Check out the Careers Service’s handy “How to” guide to find out more about making the most of careers events.


Special event for SALC PGTS

Tuesday 25 April, 1.00-1.40pm,  Room C1.18 (conference room), Ellen Wilkinson

Studying a Masters within the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures and looking for a job for when you graduate?  If so, come along to this informal lunchtime session – no need to book.

Louise Sethi, lead careers consultant for SALC, is running this session for SALC PGT students in advance of the Grad Fair on 4 May. She’ll let you know which employers will be at the fair and will introduce you to the Manchester Graduate Talent Programme which offers a range of paid opportunities.  You can have a chat about the kinds of jobs that interest you and where to look for vacancies.  Any queries, please email louise.sethi@manchester.ac.uk

Find jobs with smaller and medium sized employers

It could be easy to believe that all the jobs out there are with big graduate recruiters.  In the UK, in 2016 Small- to Medium-Sized Enterprises employed 15.7 million people, accounting for 60% of private sector employment (https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/business-population-estimates-2016). Perhaps most significantly,  small businesses accounted for – wait for it – 99.3% of all private sector businesses.  One point three million SMEs employ staff.  Aspiring entrepreneurs are not alone: 4.7 million SMEs did not employ anyone apart from the owner – so maybe it’s time to find your niche, and start a business or a social enterprise?

The small- and medium-sized nature of these organisations – generally 250 people or less – means they don’t have the same recruitment budgets and demands as the more familiar “big recruiters”.  For you, the job hunter, tracking them down can be tricky and time consuming.

Here are a few helpful hints to find an SME that might be right for you:

And on that note – speculative applications are an important way to access opportunities in SMEs: https://targetjobs.co.uk/careers-advice/applications-and-cvs/271429-making-speculative-applications-for-graduate-jobs

Working for an SME in other countries

I’m afraid I can’t do every country in the world.  The trick is to look for resources similar to the ones above and carry out similar sorts of research.  You can talk to the Careers Service Information Team or book an appointment to speak to a careers adviser if you are struggling with getting started or progressing in your job hunt.  We are the experts on job huntin strategies and approaches which you can use to help you develop your own personal expertise in looking for work with SMEs in your target country or countries.

Don’t miss! This just in: Expert Panel Event on Opportunities in the West in China over the next 10 years

Please note the venue is now Theatre B, University Place

Event: Expert Panel Discussion

Time: 17:00-19:00

Date: Wednesday 26th April


Relations between China and the UK have never been better with a shared commitment to building a global comprehensive strategic partnership at a higher level. Cross-cultural communication, exchange and business interaction have been increasing, most notably in education. Over the next ten years, Chinese graduates will face new challenges entering the job market and realising their potential to start their careers in top-tier global companies.

The purpose of this high-level panel discussion is to gain insights into the challenges facing Chinese graduates in the UK and the need for their transformation into global citizens and life-long learners. Companies need to attract the right people, with the right skills and experience, to help them achieve good governance and performance for their future sustainability. What challenges will Chinese students face starting their career and what opportunities await them?


Mark Patterson – Non-Executive Director and Senior Adviser to a number of internationally focused enterprises; Formerly at Standard Chartered, ANZ Investment Bank and Deutsche Bank


Carrie Waley – CEO and Founder of Mandarin Consulting; Previously worked in a variety of industries including hospitality, public relations and media sectors in Hong Kong and the UK

David Peckham – Former Price Waterhouse (now PwC) and PA Consulting Group Management Consultant; Now, Director of Mandarin Consulting

Patrick Reid – Consultant and Coach; External supervisor and academic with University of Manchester, University of Warwick and Robert Kennedy College; Formerly a director with AstraZeneca, with some 20 years’ experience spanning IT, Marketing and eBusiness

Brian Renwick – Head Coach and Head of Programme Management at Mandarin Consulting; Formerly, Head of HR at HSBC, plus 20 years in Management Consulting

All Postgrad-highlighted Postgraduate

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