February News and Updates for Masters students

The work of the Careers Service is designed and delivered to give you control over your career (= job + life). None of us can ever have 100% control but through self-awareness and other skills of career management, you become more able to adapt and overcome adversities that are out of your immediate control, and able to seek guidance for support and advice for dealing with things both in and out of your control.


With this in mind, I’ll be re-running some of the Careers Essentials workshops in February, for anyone who missed them last time around. You can find out more on our Postgraduate Events page:

Careers Essentials for Postgraduates


It’s not too late for a PhD

Currently jobs.ac.uk is advertising 884 global opportunities and find a PhD has over 11 000

Don’t forget to check out our online resources if your just starting think about further study: http://www.careers.manchester.ac.uk/study/

Getting ready for making applications?

Not sure where to start?Why not here?  http://www.careers.manchester.ac.uk/postgraduates/masters/masters-apply/

Broaden your search

Look out for jobs with employers you’ve never heard of, whether large or small. After the autumn rush, the majority of jobs are for smaller or less well-known employers. Note: “Smaller employer” does not mean “smaller job”. Just imagine getting in on the early days of a company who could be the next “Google” or “Red Bull”.

Build and maintain your support network

Our recent research indicates that graduate who move quickly and smoothly into good graduate jobs tend to share career and employability tips and advice amongst their friends and social contacts, not just with employers or academics. Everyone’s heard of the high profile graduate programmes advertised in the autumn. Your contacts could be the way you hear about less well-known jobs or postgraduate programmes (particularly PhDs) available later in your final year.

Last but not least…

Find out how to ask for references: https://manunicareersblog.com/2016/03/07/how-to-ask-for-letters-of-references/

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