Are you a Global Graduate?

Global Graduates is an exclusive programme for University of Manchester students, offering the opportunity to meet with alumni in host cities across the world (thanks to the generous funding of donors). This year’s programme will take 32 lucky applicants to Hong Kong, London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Singapore and Toronto – an amazing opportunity!

The 2017 programme is now open for applications from eligible undergrads (not in the final year of study), and we’re holding information sessions in February and March with further details – including application hints and tips. Not to be missed.

If you meet the criteria, I doubt you’ll need further convincing to apply….but if you do, one of last year’s Global Grads, Alasdair Irwin, has written about his experience.

Deadline for applications: Sunday 19 March

Alasdair in Hong Kong

“When applying for the Global Graduates programme, Hong Kong was the destination that filled me with the most wonder. Given the surge of China in recent years and Hong Kong’s long standing reputation as an economic powerhouse, it is somewhat surprising that Hong Kong remains an enigma for many in the West. Since starting at university, I’ve been determined to learn more about China and I saw this programme as the perfect way to do so.

After arriving in Hong Kong, it wasn’t until taking the late night shuttle bus to the hotel that I began to appreciate that I was somewhere special. Driving through an illuminated labyrinth of skyscrapers, it was hard not to feel overawed. This was a feeling that I was to experience a lot over the following week. The week consisted of meetings with alumni from The University of Manchester across a whole range of disciplines – from finance, to insurance, to engineering. Navigating around a hot and humid Hong Kong for 5-6 meetings a day without being late was challenging at times, but I’m glad to say we pulled it off – for the most part!

Before visiting Hong Kong, I had no idea that the University had another Manchester Business School based there. When we visited, we were told that we were now part of this global network and that we would always be welcome. This really brought home how lucky we were to be chosen for the programme.

A personal highlight of the trip was visiting Black Point Power Station operated by China Light & Power. We were treated to lunch with senior staff members and shown around the plant. I was also made aware of potential internship opportunities with the company which I will definitely enquire about further.

Although we had a busy schedule, this gave us more opportunities to learn from the alumni. After returning to the UK, I didn’t remember the times feeling tired or jet-lagged; the lasting memories were of the meetings with the alumni and being absorbed in a new culture in breath-taking surroundings.

This experience has given me confidence when dealing with professionals, allowing me to lose my inhibitions when networking. We learned what the alumni expect from graduates applying to work at their companies. This has given me invaluable insight which will be of great benefit when seeking employment. I would like to say thank you to all of the alumni volunteers for allowing me to have this life changing experience. I hope that in the future I might be able give back to the University as they have done!”

Alasdair and colleagues in Hong Kong

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