What are the ways of staying in the UK as an International Student?

Today I was asked what are the ways I can stay in the UK as an international student?

Here are all the ways I know but see our website for more details as well as an immigration lawyer!!!!! Bear in mind this is a general overview of your options with visas and not meant as visa advice. Seek professional advice.

1. Take on further study and stay on a Tier 4 visa

2. If you progress to a PhD you can request from the university a 12 month extension to your Tier 4 visa to allow you to find work

3. Find an employer who will sponsor you on a Tier 2 visa up to 5 years then apply for residency

4. Once you have been in the UK 5 years in a valid category not in education, you can apply for residency and then British Citizenship

5. Look for a graduate internship up to 12 months on Tier 5 visa (employer can be anyone as an agency will sponsor your visa like BUNAC)

6. Become a graduate entrepreneur and set up your own business with the support of the university

7. Or apply for a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa with £200,000 investment

8. If you have capital of £2million you can apply for a Tier 1 investor visa

9. If you have a grandparent born in Britain, on a British registered ship or aircraft you can apply for a British Passport

10. If you have a great-grandparent who is Irish you can apply for an Irish passport

11. If your home country is affected by war or you feel at risk you can apply for asylum see here for more details: https://www.gov.uk/browse/visas-immigration/asylum

12. Marriage is an option but you must prove to the UK Government that you have been together for some time and co-habitate, sharing bills, rent etc it can be a difficult option so think hard before pursuing this

Finally do your research the more knowledge you have the more power and influence you have and the better your chances of staying in the UK – BE INFORMED!!!!!



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