Accessing CareersLink as a graduate

Congratulations on completing your degree! Enjoy your success and your big day if you are coming to your graduation ceremony.myaccount logo

You can continue to use full services at the Careers Service for 2 years after the end of your course including CareersLink which advertises job vacancies.

Accessing CareersLink while you are still have student status

You will be able to carry on using your CareersLink student log in in the ‘Current Students’ box until your academic school changes your record to ‘alumni’. This happens on different days for different courses but is likely to be during November or December. While you still have student status you can amend your preferred email via MyManchester to a non-University email and this will automatically be applied to your CareersLink account for the future. On the day the student CareersLink login stops working you will need to take a few steps to access CareersLink as a graduate.

Accessing CareersLink as a graduate

  1. Update your contact email
    If you already did this via MyManchester proceed directly to step 2. To update your email for CareersLink email with your student ID number or University IT username explain that you are graduating and tell us the email address you would like to use for CareersLink.
  2. Reset your CareersLink password
    Go to the CareersLink login page and select the ‘Manchester Graduates’ option. Click on ‘Forgot your password’ and enter your University IT username. A temporary password will then be emailed to your contact email. This is usually instant but if you do not receive anything within 30 minutes email

Can’t remember your University IT username?

Your University IT username is the 8 digit combinations of letters and numbers starting with m that you had to use for all University IT systems. If you need it to access CareersLink and have forgotten it email asking for a reminder and we will send you some security questions to verify your identity.

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