Fancy a job working in Careers helping students? Intern Hannah tells all.

Want to apply for my job?atrium sign

As my 12 month MGP role is coming to an end in September, maybe you’d be interested in filling the position?

I don’t know what I want to do

Smiling for my photos I had just graduated after completing a 3 year Psychology degree at Manchester. I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my future. Having just come home from backpacking around Thailand and now being named a graduate, I realised it really was time to make a plan of action. I needed to take the next steps towards my exciting (and yes a bit scary) future.

I felt clueless about so many things. What sector did I want to work in? Did I want to work for a private or public company? What skills would I like to use in my day to day work? Did I want to find a graduate scheme or an entry-level position? There were so many unanswered questions.

So I focussed on what I did know. I knew I wanted to stay in the wonderful city of Manchester to be around friends. It would be great to find a position that lasted around 12 months where I could develop skills and get experience in a working environment. Then hopefully I’d be able to work out what I enjoyed and have experience on my CV that employers would love too.

Finding the job

On the hunt for something that ticked my criteria I looked on CareersLink. The Manchester Graduate Programme (MGP) advertised lots of full-time, paid 6-12 month roles available at the University and in businesses in Manchester. After looking through the roles I found a position in the Careers Service at the University of Manchester called ‘Information and Guidance Assistant’. It sounded really interesting so I sent off my CV and cover letter.

The Application Process

I got an interview!!! I prepared in advance using the Careers Service ‘Preparing for Interviews’ Guide and In-tray exercise practice. A few days later I received that all important phone call offering me the job. Needless to say it felt like a great achievement to have secured my first graduate position – so of course I celebrated with a trip to the shops for new work clothes.

What is the job like?

A week later in mid-September I started my new job. It felt really exciting to still be at the University but now as a staff member working in the Atrium. In my first week as part of my induction package I was welcomed with lots of friendly faces from the Careers Service team. As a student I never realised how big the team was! I observed appointments, went to meetings and was trained on the key parts of my job. Everyone was so welcoming; I instantly felt part of the team.

On a daily basis I talk to students and graduates about work experience, internships, graduate jobs, part-time jobs, interviews and most things careers related. Over the phone, on Live Chat or at the Careers desk I give general careers advice and information and book appointments with our specialist Careers Consultants. Via email I help students access their CareersLink and give feedback on CV’s. I write exciting posts on our Facebook, Twitter and blog to help students, advertise job vacancies and promote our services. I’m responsible for ordering stock and creating exciting visual displays in our library and iZone. I also write careers information on the website and in our starting point guides.

Outside of the job description I’ve had the chance to get involved in extra things too. I’ve been the leader of the walking challenge, written blog posts for the EatGreen2016 blog we created, organised events for consultants, designed webinars, delivered presentations, been a member of the environmental staff team, spoken at talks, attended interesting training courses and lots more. When I mentioned my interest in marketing my managers helped me try it out! I was asked to produce posters, conduct market research and was even given my own marketing projects. It’s a great job to try out new things to see what you enjoy.

Oh and I can’t forget the social outings with the team and other MGP’s and lots of cake!

What does it help you do next? What happens after?

The Careers Consultants, who I now call friends and colleagues, have been more than happy to give me guidance on choosing my next step and preparing for interviews. Over the 12 months I’ve developed lots of transferrable skills that employers love to see. From giving advice to students I’ve developed communication and customer service skills. I’ve used time management skills when completing multiple tasks in a busy environment to meet deadlines. Posting on blogs and social media has enhanced my IT skills. I’ve also got that all-important ‘one year of work experience’ that a lot of employers look for.

So with support from the Careers Service and a developing variety of skills in a work environment the next step really is open for you to choose.

If this MGP role sounds like it would suit you, why not apply now? MGIP/16/360. CareersLink ID is 56436 .

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